Despite the advanced civilization that dominates Khorvaire, barbarians live in several places both on that continent and in nearby lands. Human, orc, and half-orc barbarians emerge from the Shadow Marches and Demon Wastes. Halfling barbarians ride the Talenta Plains. Human, half-elf, and shifter barbarians fill the Eldeen Reaches, though isolated groups of elf, dwarf, and even gnome barbarians live there as well. Darguun harbors some bugbear barbarians, and Droaam is home to barbarians of other monstrous species. Some of the wilder warforged that roam the Mournland take up the barbarian class as well.

Beyond Khorvaire, tribes of human barbarians live on the northern shore of Argonnessen and the nearby island of Seren, serving the dragons they revere. Finally, stories abound of children stranded in Xen’drik and raised by wild beasts or savage humanoids, giving rise to another source for barbarian characters.

Barbarian options

Feats: Dragon Rage, Dragon Totem, Extend Rage, Raging Luck.

Prestige Classes: Warforged juggernaut, weretouched master.