Paladins, like clerics, are the knights of the churches, most particularly the Church of the Silver Flame and, to a lesser extent, the churches of Dol Arrah and Boldrei. Paladins are called to a strict and exalted life, and are mystically held to a higher standard than even clerics. A cleric of the Church of the Silver Flame can fall into heresy or even adopt an evil alignment and still retain all his abilities, but a paladin must rise above the corruption that plagues almost every church and cling to the highest ideals of her faith. In a place such as Sharn, in particular, where the churches are so rife with corruption, paladins arise to bring justice to the people.

Paladin mounts

A halfling paladin from the Talenta Plains calls a clawfoot dinosaur to serve as a special mount, rather than a warpony.

Warforged paladins

When a warforged paladin gains the ability to lay on hands to heal wounds, he can use this ability to repair his own damage or damage sustained by other constructs and constructlike beings, as well as wounds sustained by his nonwarforged companions. The ability functions as either curative or repair magic, as appropriate to the subject.

Paladin options

Feats: Action Boost, Action Surge, Greater Powerful Charge, Heroic Spirit, Knight Training, Powerful Charge, Pursue, Silver Smite.

Prestige Classes: Exorcist of the Silver Flame, warforged juggernaut.