In many worlds, sorcerers claim descent from dragons, insisting that the dragon blood in their veins is the source of their power. The sorcerers of Eberron likewise point to dragons as the source of their power, but they speak of cosmic dragons: Siberys, the Dragon Above; Khyber, the Dragon Below; and Eberron, the Dragon Between. They speak of dragons who have ascended to godhood: Revaillukh the Gold, Dolleirranasha the Red, Vallidarrath the Silver, and others. They point to the magical dragonmarks, and sometimes whisper about a prophecy carved in Draconic runes on the very bones of the world. Dragons are tied to the magic of the world—and sorcerers claim to wield the magic of dragons.

Sorcerers in an Eberron campaign have a more mystical bent than in other worlds. Power is rarely their sole concern—rather, they seek some kind of union with the cosmic dragons.

Sorcerer options

Feats: Aberrant Dragonmark, Attune Magic Weapon, Bind Elemental, Exceptional Artisan, Extra Rings, Extraordinary Artisan, Favored in House, Legendary Artisan.

Prestige Class: Heir of Siberys.