Wizards stand apart from the legions of others who dabble in the arcane arts on the magically charged world of Eberron: They alone are willing to devote their lives to the daunting work of arcane study. Wizards are distinguished from sorcerers and the dragonmarked by their incredible versatility—an accomplished wizard can prepare any of a hundred different spells as the situation requires.

More than any other type of character, wizards have a vested interest in discovering the lost secrets of ancient Xen’drik; buried in any ancient ruin could be the secrets of a long-forgotten spell, a new weapon to add to a wizard’s arsenal.

Wizard options

Feats: Attune Magic Weapon, Bind Elemental, Exceptional Artisan, Extra Rings, Extraordinary Artisan, Legendary Artisan, Spontaneous Casting, Wand Mastery.