Dwarves are natural miners and smiths, and they control most of the precious metals found naturally across the continent of Khorvaire. Powerful dwarf families mint coinage and operate banks, issue letters of credit, hold loans, and collect debts. Dwarf bankers and merchants wield a great deal of economic power throughout Khorvaire, and they are well respected as a result. To an extent, they are also feared, since dwarves are known to be ruthless in collecting unpaid debts.

Dwarf Lands

The dwarven homeland is the Mror Holds, a loose-knit federation of otherwise unconnected dwarf clans in the mountainous terrain in the east of Khorvaire. The dwarves have never had a unified empire and thus have never risen to the prominence of the elves or humans, or even the goblinoids, though their control of mineral wealth has always made them important allies of the greater powers. The Mror clans were subject to the king of Galifar before the Last War, but they seceded from Karrnath early in the war, marking the greatest degree of unity and independence the dwarves have ever possessed.


The dwarven House Kundarak carries the Mark of Warding, enabling the house to protect its vast stores of wealth and provide security for businesses and precious goods. House Kundarak works closely with the gnomes of House Sivis in the production and verifi cation of important documents and the like.