Gnomes harbor a thirst for knowledge that can only be described as lust. They believe that every piece of information, no matter how trivial, may someday have value. Combined with a meticulous discipline, this love of knowledge makes gnomes superb librarians, accountants, bards, and alchemists, but this attitude has a sinister side as well. The same talents that make an accomplished bard can produce a skilled spy, and gnome society is filled with webs of intrigue and blackmail that often pass completely unnoticed by human eyes. Like the dwarves, the gnomes have no history of empire building, but their talents for diplomacy and espionage have allowed them to maintain their independence throughout the history of Khorvaire. In addition to their skill as alchemists, gnomes have mastered the art of elemental binding, which they use to power the ships and other vessels they construct in the dry docks and shipyards of Zilargo.

Gnome Lands

The gnomes’ homeland is Zilargo. Known for its stores of knowledge and schools of learning, Zilargo is also a significant trading power on the southern seas. The gnomes of Zilargo are expert shipwrights, and the mountains to the north and east hold fine gem mines.


The gnome House Sivis carries the Mark of Scribing, which grants magical abilities relating to the written word and translation. These abilities facilitate the house’s role in diplomacy, communications, and the production of secure documents.