Half-elves are common in Khorvaire. The race is unique to that continent, where it grew out of the earliest mingling of humans and elves. Half-elves can be as haughty as elves, though they are more able to work comfortably with humans. A few half-elves, fascinated with death and the practices of their Aerenal ancestors, become accomplished necromancers. Others favor their human heritage more strongly, to the point of blending almost invisibly into human society.

While the majority of half-elves belong to their own distinct race, elves and humans throughout Khorvaire still intermingle and occasionally produce offspring.

Half-Elf Lands

Half-elves have no homeland, but can be found throughout the Five Nations. They are common in Aundair, Breland, and Thrane, and a few have migrated to Valenar to participate in the establishment and expansion of this new elven nation.


Two of the dragonmarked families are half-elven. House Lyrandar carries the Mark of Storm and operates sailing ships and flying vessels, as well as bringing rain to farmlands. House Medani carries the Mark of Detection and offers services related to personal protection. Since the union of elves and humans sometimes produces half-elves that are not part of the true-breeding race, a small number of half-elves can be found among the human- and elf-controlled dragonmarked houses.