In their homeland, halflings are nomads who ride domesticated dinosaurs across the wide plains. The heritage of the nomad also serves more urbanized halflings well, and halflings have established themselves across Khorvaire as merchants, politicians, barristers, healers, and criminals. The tribal nomads of the plains can sometimes be found in the cities, but often the halflings of the cities blend in with the rest of the population and display only the occasional reminder of their nomadic roots.

Halfling Lands

Halflings originated on the Talenta Plains and still thrive there, continuing the nomadic traditions they have practiced for thousands of years. Technically subject to Galifar before the Last War, many halflings of the Talenta Plains spread to the extent of civilization, and halflings are now found in every city in Khorvaire. They bring their glib tongues and quick minds to whatever trades they choose to follow.


The halfling House Ghallanda carries the Mark of Hospitality, granting its members magical abilities related to food, drink, and shelter. Members of this house operate inns and restaurants, prepare food for royalty, or conjure food for their fellow nomads in the Talenta Plains. House Jorasco carries the Mark of Healing, enabling its members to provide curative services in cities throughout Khorvaire.