Seas and oceans separate the continents. The heart of the world, at least for humans, is Khorvaire. All the common races can be found on the continent—the human nations, the dwarf, gnome, and halfling homelands, as well as communities of elves, half-elves, half-orcs, shifters, changelings, and goblinoids. A number of monster nations have also formed due to the repercussions of the Last War.

The continent of Sarlona is Khorvaire’s neighbor to the east and the west. To the north, the frozen continent of the Frostfell looms. Directly to the south of Khorvaire lies the mysterious land of Xen’drik, a treasure trove of ancient secrets and unfathomable artifacts from a time before humans roamed the land. To the southeast, the subcontinent of Aerenal, home to the elf kingdom, presents as many dangers as it does opportunities. Beyond Aerenal, the continent of the dragons, Argonnessen, remains off limits to most of the “lesser races,” as the dragons refer to all but themselves. Here, the dragons engage in activities that no one but these ancient creatures can contemplate, studying portents, signs, and omens in the movement of the moons, the positions of the stars, and the appearance of dragonmarks throughout the land.

Regions of Eberron

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Khorvaire Aerenal Xen'drik Argonnessen Sarlona