My doctoral thesis "Applying Secure Multi-party Computation in Practice" outlines the process of the first registry-based privacy-preserving statistical study using secure multi-party computation technology. This case also showcases several practical privacy-preserving web-applications, as well as my other research results: oblivious database join operation and oblivious sortign methods. My PhD thesis is available from the digital archive of University of Tartu.

In my master studies I specialized in high performance computing. However, my master thesis was again from the field of information security, continuing the work done in my bachelor thesis. The thesis, "Deploying secure multiparty computation for joint data analysis - a case study" describes the first practical real-life solution where the Sharemind secure multiparty computation system is used for privacy-preserving data aggregation.

My bachelor thesis, "Web-based data entry in privacy-preserving applications" introduced two possible architectures that can be used to deploy online privacy-preserving questionnaire systems.